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This is the personal web site of Daniele Piazza. Here you can find information about me, my family, my job and my hobbies.

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About me

Hello everybody! As you can guess my name is Daniele Piazza and this is my personal web site. I was born in San Secondo - Parma - Italy, on March 22nd in1971. That's the second day of springtime and for those who believe it, I'm Aries.

I'm living in this small town with my wife but I spend basically all my time in Parma, the place where I work.


My family

I'm living with Maria, a Japanese girl who is very important to me. Here you see our pictures page and here Maria's page.


My job

I am supposed to be a computer programmer (yeah, another one!). I am an indipendent free software consultant with some skills in CAD programming. Most of my work has been developed for QS Informatica, an Italian Software House based in Parma, a quiet small city at the heart of the food valley.

I started programming in 1995, developing an AutoCAD CAM system for EDM machines (Fanuc, Charmilles, ...). That software has been written in AutoLisp a small Lisp dialect embedded in AutoCAD. For that sistem I wrote some interesting routines still working in the current release of AutoCAD, see the AutoLisp section.

After that I wrote a software for textile cutting optimization for an Italian toy company: Trudi S.p.a.

I also developed a CAM system, AutoCAD embedded, for Milling machines.

In 1996 me and two friends founded Mechanical Solution S.r.l., a company providing technical support for the mechanical industry. Software, CAD and CAM was our job.

In 1998, we moved our offices joining QS Informatica. This company already had a large customers base and we started cooperating in software development.

Since then, I improved my skills learning and using several new programming languages. But I also learned how to work in team, how to plan and develop a software project and how to deal with customers.

I am currently in charge for several projects in QS Informatica, most important are:

and I provided my support for the development of TOP the main company product. Here you can find the complete list of softwares/projects I did or I worked for.


My hobbies

I really like travelling and travelling by bike (it's quite a different thing). Obviously I take some pictures.



You can contact me by email at daniele.piazza@pdcode.com