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Here you can download the DWGtoPDF translator. There is no setup, sorry, just this Readme.txt . But I trust on you...

DwgToPdf14.zip - (85 Kb)- AutoCAD Rel. 14

DwgToPdf15.zip - (85 Kb) - AutoCAD Rel. 2000/2000i

Sample 1 (128K - PDF compressed)


AutoCAD layers --> AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 Parts translator

This is a tool to translate traditional AutoCAD layers into AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 parts. Just drag&drop the ARX file into theAutoCAD drawing screen and type "LayersMigrate". You will see the "tree" populates of new parts. Every part containing the entities belonging to the layer. This version is limited to 25 layers. If you are interest in Mechanical parts customizations, just let me know. Obiously AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 is required.

LayMigrate.zip (20Kb) -AutoCAD Mechanical 2004