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AutoCAD-ME10 Translator

Software for drawings translation between AutoCAD and ME10. Here is the link to the project. This is a succesful project and QS Informatica sells this tool all over the world. Many customers move drawing between the two CAD platforms preserving the quality of the original file.



Software for Isometric design in AutoCAD. Here is the link to the project.



Mechanical Application for AutoCAD. Here is the link to the project.



EDM software AutoCAD embedded. This is a software running in AutoCAD for the generation of ISO code for EDM machines Fanuc, Charmilles AGIE, ... This software can create 2 Axes, 4 Axes ISO code controlling the EDM machine. It works inside AutoCAD, just draw your polyline, put some data and... code is done.



AutoCAD embedded software for Milling machines. 2 (2.5) Axes milling - drilling software. It took long time developing this software. Several optimizations like shortest path, automatic features recognition, offset correction, ...


Textile Cutting software

Textile Cutting software for "Trudi giocattoli S.p.a.". This software is for the optimization of cutting operations. Problem with textile cut for plush soft toys is to avoid wrinkles. This software read a shape, ask for cutting points and optimize the cutting path in order to avoid wrinkles.



A free software for the creation of PDF from AutoCAD drawings. Using a free (for non commercial use) library this piece of code creates a PDF file reading your DWG file. Requires AutoCAD to work. It's been a free and quite successful software. CADdepot awarded it as "Software of the week". See the code page for source code or the download page for binaries.


Punti di utilizzo

A software for Ceramic Plants Design automation developed for "SACMI Impianti" di Imola. This tool helps designers to build the drawing of a ceramic plant. Some features:

Huge software, developed in two years, involving several languages: C++, ARX extension, Javascript, Lua. Developed in a small team, this tool reduce the project time of 50%.



A software to automate the creation of electric points in plants for a refrigerating system company. This tool automatically reads an AS400 report and creates a complete series of drawing with electric symbols.


Autodesk Inventor features recognition

A software for features recognition in Autodesk Inventor for "EMMEGI group". The problem here was to read some features in Inventor models. This software scans the model B-Rep looking for several features like holes, keyholes, drains, ...

Once the model has been completely parsed writes a crypted file for the EMMEGI CAM software.



Belt Conveyors System

A software for belt conveyors design and cost estimation.

This is a dynamic system for design and cost estimation for belt conveyors layouts. This software helps the company during every step of the development.

This is a very interesting project: the first one where I was able to decide everything. After a while, looking for an application server having these features:

I decided for... ZOPE! I have to admit for honesty's sake that at the beginning it was quite difficult to get into Zope's logical system. But as soon as I learned some basic functionalities I was able to write a full working application.

This software is a bit out of Zope's application field. I'm talking about an Intranet/Internet client-server application working with a CAD software. But, in spite of this, I made my customer happy in 3 months. Some features:

Client-server application. The client runs on a Win NT server with Zope 2.4 installed. Every designer download the plug in from the server for his own PC. The client is a LUA/C++ application communicating via XML-RPC with Zope.

On the server we have an MDB file (customer likes Microsoft toys...) we read and write with the Zope ODBC product. Some DTML and some Python scripts provide the user interface (with a touch of Javascript). The most advanced features are provided by some Python External scripts.



Several others small projects.